Monday, January 07, 2008

Hello !

by Annie Otness, poet and painter.
with Inspiring WORKS

I have provided below a selection of works, some with their own verse, for your enjoyment.

As you look, just click on the images for a larger view.
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Have fun
and please respect my Copyright.

Cheers Annie

Sunday, January 06, 2008

WELCOME > > Silk mounted on framed canvas; 600x600


Following is a selection of silk quilts

Quilt textiles are an artists impression of dream quilts; the centrepieces are original silk paintings, bordered by the artist’s own shibori dyed silk, and textured with hand and machine stitching, The backing is pure cotton, and the filling non-allergenic polyester wadding. The central works are Mandalas expressing the precious environment and the life giving Sun and radiant moon and stars, that enliven heavens where fish swim and birds fly in the airy element.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Each Little Fish >> Silk Quilt 2000x1500

Where do we flow >> Silk Quilt 2000x1500

Enlightenment >> Silk Ouilt 2000x1500

Friday, January 04, 2008


> > Silk Stitched with beads & mounted on framed canvas; 1000x1000

Flame of Life >> Silk Quilt 2000x1500

Feel the Air >> Silk Quilt 2000x1500

EFFERVESCENCE > > Silk, Quilt 1500x2000

Effervescence from some bright depth
Essence imploding
We spin in joy and delight.

Four Elements >> Silk Ouilt 2000x1500

Following is a selection of Illuminations

Illuminations are inspired by the concept of the Medieval Illuminated texts, with the canvas developed as a page. The Illuminations combine poetry and paint, and are ornamented with polymer glazes, beads, and gemstones. Red desert, Blue desert works continue the recurring theme of the impact of development on the landscape, and to the concept that roads not only join, but also divide.

Illumination Desert Treasures

Of all the treasures of the Desert

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Illumination F.

Does the bird look back?

Illumination L

Look between the boundaries

Illumination S

Follow the Shining pathway

Illumination Ocean

On the Ocean there are no tracks

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Illumination J

Joy to all under the sun

Let Joy be the air we breathe

Illumination H

The Heart of a woman
Is the beat of the drum of life.

A woman’s Heart is the wisdom of the world

Illumination I

Imagination opens the window
Lets out the spirit
Gives a rainbow bridge

Illumination Desert Road

If there were no roads -------

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Illumination E

Enter the forest

Illumination A.

Airborne angels arriving to announce
Amazing activities

Illumination W

Water flows and Water falls
It cleans and washes
Slakes thirst, refreshes.

Please keep looking - -
and again please respect my Copyright.

DREAM BEACH 8 >> Oil on canvas, 1200x900

Dream Beach 8

SILK RAINBOW >> 3D Silk on framed canvas; 950x750

Silk Rainbow
3 Dimentioal silk bonded on framed canvas backing.

Desert Roads, Silk mounted on Canvas stretchers 930x1850

Desert Road Day 102
Desert Road Night 106


Awakening.F..------------------------Silk mounted on framed canvas.. --------------...Awakening 7..

600x600,.__________________________________Oil on Canvas.. ._______________________________________________500x400..

FLORAL GIFT 1 > > Silk mounted on framed canvas; 1000x750

Floral Gift 1

All the flowers are a gift of
The senses awaken and we see the
Promise of new gardens
From seeds that spring from
Flowers always renewed large

Annie Otness